Albert Park now in St Kilda

Adele Southwick Hall
Gate No 4
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St Kilda

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GymbaROO is not simply a "gym" or "playgroup" for children and babies, but an educational centre aimed at helping parents and carers learn about the importance of early childhood development in relation to later school learning.

GymbaROO offers research based programs led by trained teachers using specialised equipment and activities to stimulate your child's physical, psychological and social development.

Above all, GymbaROO is a lot of fun - Parents, babies, children and carers love it! Through this fun learning experience infants and children develop critical skills that provide foundations for later literacy and learning.

GymbaROO aims to embrace all the wonderful natural developmental activities of early childhood and is a positive experience giving you quality time with your child. Our activities include bouncing, rolling, swinging, spinning, jumping, tumbling and climbing.

Mat-time is an invaluable part of GymbaROO sessions providing a variety of different learning and social experiences. Children develop and gain confidence, concentration and self esteem through:



Treasure Bag

Rhythm Activities


Small Equipment


Parachute Activities